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Don't miss women's slippers in your wardrobe!

Women's slippers are characterized by being very comfortable and functional footwear that you can find in various styles, depending on your preferences or model you choose and color. Women's slippers will help you create your own style and will become the women's shoes you were looking for.

Women's slippers stand out thanks to their original designs and ornaments, since decorative elements are added such as bows or pompoms, tassels, fringes, etc.

Slippers for women with incredible designs!

The designs of women's slippers are very fun as well as elegant, helping to show latest trends in women's fashion such as leopard slippers, patterned slippers with skinny jeans look great. Also, the plain beige slippers or the classic black slippers will be able to combine perfectly with any narrow pants that are always above the ankle.

Women's slippers are ideal to wear with skinny pants of the same tone or pattern, as they will become the perfect complement to any type of look you want to achieve.

With short, wide or straight skirts, they combine perfectly with women's slippers. And if you prefer to show off your legs, shorts are the type of pants that will best suit.

Buy women's Slippers shoes in our online store

All our women's shoes are a guarantee of quality and comfort. They are made with an inner insole and leather lining, as well as incorporating an extra gel insole to offer greater comfort. They also have non-slip soles to provide you with all the security you need.

Slippers are generally made of suede. Suede is an elegant material and provides great comfort as it adapts to the foot perfectly.

The origin of the slippers is connected to the British aristocracy, as this footwear allowed them to be comfortable in their mansions. After this domestic use, it began to be popular already in the middle of the 20th century, rescued by characters from the film industry.

Already in the 21st century they begin to settle in the world of fashion. Its commercialization has extended to different styles, with the wide variety of prints and designs.

Thanks to slippers incredible degree of comfort, you will feel at home all day without losing your style and elegance! We invite you to discover our wide variety of women's slippers and find the one that best suits your style.

Take advantage of buying safely online with “Las bailarinas de Eloisa”. Go ahead and wear fashionable slippers, choose your favorites in our store!

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